No other design object can stir human emotion with quite the same intensity as a fine automobile. And no other exhibition has the prestige that Design Miami/ and Design Miami/Basel enjoy within the world of art and design. Audi is the only automobile manufacturer to sponsor this extraordinary design mecca, and is also an active participant.

Design Miami/ 2006: Audi presents the “Ignition R8” installation in the atrium of the historic Moore Building. From the third level, spectators peer through the glass hood into the heart of the sports car – the 420 hp 8-cylinder engine.

Design Miami/Basel 2007: Design through the changes of time – Audi presents innovative design ranging from the Horch 853A sport convertible of the 1930s to the Audi A5 and the Audi RSQ, which was developed for the blockbuster movie, “I, Robot."  

Design Miami/ 2007: Audi presents the Cross Cabriolet concept car in the “Wire Frame” exhibit. In the Audi Design Lab, spectators experience the creation of a car in real time. Design greats like Chad Oppenheim, Enzo Enea and Audi Chief Designer Stefan Sielaff discuss the “human element” in design.

Design Miami/Basel 2008: Audi succeeds in combining high-tech, art and design. Design in concert with our senses – the avant-garde Audi R8 sports car appears in a bright, glistening light.

Design Miami/ 2008: Reflecting the influence of nature and the natural beauty of engineering-driven design work, the “Audi Coastline Marina“ brings the aesthetics of a classic yacht and the ambience of the coast to the design boards of the show. Its centerpiece, the Audi Q7 Coastline, with its wood and aluminum interior elements, invokes the construction of deluxe hand-crafted boats and showcases Audi’s capability to create extraordinary limited-edition and customized design.

Design Miami/ 2009: Themed “The Art of Progress,” Audi showcases the new Audi A8 in a site-specific installation: The (full-size) car turns into a miniature collectible surrounded by supersized furniture. This change of perspectives makes the new Audi A8 unique and a precious object of desire. Swedish born artist Daniel Egnéus was selected to create a huge coffee table book and illustrations of the oversize world of the Audi display.