John Maeda
Handsome, 2010
Still from Digital Projection 
Dimensions: N/A 
Photography Courtesy Of: John Maeda 

Riflemaker presenting John Maeda

Opened in 2004 by collectors Virginia Damtsa and Tot Taylor, Riflemaker is housed in London's oldest public building, a Georgian riflemaker's workshop dating from 1712. The gallery's aim is to exhibit the most ambitious and extraordinary work by the very best young and emerging artists of this era in this unique architectural space. Riflemaker has presented debuts by Jamie Shovlin, Francesca Lowe, Jaime Gili and Chosil Kil as well as themed exhibitions on William S. Burroughs, the Indica gallery - 'Riflemaker becomes Indica' - the Liliane Lijn/NASA collaboration 'Stardust', John Maeda's virtual exploration, 'Maeda/Myspace', Alasdair Gray and Francesca Lowe's 'Terminus' and an investigation of 'Voodoo: Hoochie-Coochie and the Creative Spirit'.

Riflemaker works not just from its unique base in Soho but also originates off-site projects involving the gallery's artists.