Oskar Zieta
Oak Tabele / Chippensteel Chair, 2009 
ST3 Steel / Oak 
190 cm x 113 cm x 75 cm / 78 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm 
Photography Courtesy Of: Angelika Dacqmine 

Karena Schuessler Gallery presenting Oskar Zieta

Gallery Karena Schuessler opened in Berlin in June 2009. The gallery aims to present works of design that emphasize form and concept. “Form Follows Spirit” could be the gallery’s motto since all of the presented objects have both a visual appeal and a function, even if the latter is merely suggested. All works exhibited are either one-offs or part of a limited edition, many of them created exclusively for the gallery. Karena Schuessler, herself an avid collector of art and design of the twentieth and twenty-first century, not only showcases her exceptional finds in her gallery but also offers the service of developing private collections and placing single objects or installations in existing interiors.