Studio Job & Pieke Bergmans
Wonderlamp, April 2010
Polished bronze, hand blown glass, LED, electrical components 
Dimensions: Various 
Photography Courtesy Of: Studio Job 

Dilmos presenting Studio Job & Pieke Bergmans

Dilmos was founded in 1980 as an exhibition space for designer furniture. The works selected were intended to be the most representative examples of modern design, side by side with furniture made by firms representing the contemporary style of the Eighties, including Edra, Catellani & Smith, Memphis, BD Ediciones de Diseño, Mirabili and Tecta. As it evolved, Dilmos began to interact more directly with the world of design, commissioning specific pieces from a selection of designers. This commitment resulted from the growing awareness of the value and poetical significance of objects - a profound interest that led Dilmos to deal with works distinguished by a strong communicative and narrative force.

Since 1985, Dilmos has increasingly chosen designers that ascribe to a distinct philosophy. Each piece of furniture produced is a representation of the designer’s deeper thoughts, and a means of communicating and interacting with the world. The objects are not merely functional works, but emblems of our hyper-communicative society. A uniform style cannot be seen in the works found at Dilmos, but rather a mutual desire to treat articles animating a home or a space as elements that virtually receive its thoughts and transmit its poetry and intentions. The language of design is diverse, because the gestures and thoughts of each designer are unique. Dilmos’ objective is to create a multitude of experiences through design while working to open the lines of communication between the designer and the individual.